Honour Roll

Members who have given, and continue to give service to the Endeavour Seniors Computer Club.

Bill van der Meyden

Club founder, Past President and Vice President, creator of ESCC web site.

John Benson

Founding Member, Past President and Vice President.

Jan Johnstone

Founding Member, Past Treasurer.

Jim Jacobs

Founding Member, Past President.

Bert Rhodes

Appreciation Plaque, Past President.

Stan Regan

Appreciation Plaque, Past President.

John Ralphs

Appreciation Plaque, Past President, Public Officer, Honorary Auditor.

Life Members.

Bill van der Meyden, John Benson, Jan Johnstone, Jim Jacobs, Judy Maher, David Smith, Ruth Bingham, Les Wybron, Joy Greig, Alan Audsley, Bede Churchward, Pam Ballard, John Ralphs, Miriam McAtee, Ann Colwell, Frank Purvis, Leon Blood, Judy Bassford, Jim Bassford, Jean Leyendekkers, Dennis Stocker, Ted Mutch, Margaret Hill, Roy Carmichael, Malcolm McCallum, Barbara McMacallum, Diane Thornberry, Cec Gibbs, Margaret Pritchard, Eunice Heinrich, Val Osborne Peter Day, Helen Cantrill, Howard Yates & Peta Yates.

Certificates of Appreciation.

Rowena D’Bras, Alan Audsley, Jim Bassford, Judy Bassford, Al Benson, John Brent, Bede Churchward, Werner Gustavs, Harry Hanslow, John Harris, Margaret Hill, Val Ivory, Kevin Lombe, Ted Mutch, Ken Rasmussen, David Smith, Denis Stocker, John Shortland, Don Vautin, Raymond Williams, Les Wybron, Ruth Bingham, Judy Maher,Mac McCallum, Barbara McCallum, John Ralphs, Bob Christy, Margaret Christy, Pat Flood, Shirley Sounders, Margaret Horvath, Nadine Goodwin, Roy Carmichael, Miriam McAtee, Diane Thornberry, Peter Easson, Celia Chrimes, Dawn Ware, Neville Ware, Anne Colwell, Audrey Chalmers,Peta Yates, Edith Franks, Anne OÇonnor, Jock McGrouther, Adrian Hall, John Symmonds, John Lischeld, Jean Leyendekkers, Joy Greig, Roy Carmichael, Ross Smith, Bernie Walrut,Val Townsend, Jan Hazelwood, Joan Nelson, Pat Strong, Elaine Russell, Jacqueline Parker, Ruth Rendall, Maureen Costa, Colin Wilson, Frank Purvis, Anne O’Connor, Edith Franks, Bob Christie & Margaret Christie.

Page revised 10 Oct 2014

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