Club Origin

The Endeavour Seniors Computer Club – a little bit of history.

Upon retirement Bill van der Meyden, the founder of Endeavour Web and the Endeavour Seniors Computer Club, joined the Sydney-PC-Users-Group and was soon surfing the Internet. During one of those surfing sessions he came across some USA Seniors websites who were also offering computer training for their members. The idea to have something similar in Sydney took hold and serious planning started in October 1996. A lot happened between October 1996 and July 1997.

Sample web pages were made and a unique name for the website was sought. The name Endeavour Web was decided upon. The domain name Endeavour Web was then registered and the website launched on the Internet in October 1997.

The next stage was the planning of the computer club. A steering committee was formed on the 16th July 1997 with Ken Missingham, John Benson, Jan Johnstone, Jim Mc Neil, Ron Burns, Bill Huff, Robbie Mc Taggart and Jim Jacobs.John Benson introduced us to the Trade Union Club in Gymea where he knew of an empty room that could be used as our training centre. He was able to secure this room including the auditorium for our meetings.The name Endeavour Seniors Computer Club Inc. was then registered on the 21st August 1998 and we were on our way.

The first club meeting and membership drive took place on the first of October 1998 at the Trade Union Club of Gymea where we started with an initial membership of 80 members; this has now grown to well over 400. We have since moved to our current training rooms in Gannons Road, Caringbah and a larger meeting venue at the Sylvania Community and Youth Club.

We have well-furnished comfortable training rooms with computers, printers and scanners, where we conduct training courses for small groups on a regular basis. Member volunteers do all the training; this enables us to keep the course fees at an affordable level for our members.

It has taken a long time to get to this point, many obstacles had to be overcome, but the endeavour has been well worth it and has given the founding members, committee and member volunteers a lot of satisfaction.

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