They are all volunteers and are all very dedicated, helpful, patient, and knowledgeable and give a lot of their time to their trainees.

I teach beginners internet and email on Windows 7, also share trading for beginners as well as holding discussions on share trading. 

I can teach all versions of Windows, internet, email, Skype and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power/ Point).

Peter DAY
I can teach all versions of Windows, internet, email, computer maintenance and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) but due to demand generally only teach Windows 8 and Windows 10. I’m also the club secretary and chair of the Computer Explorers group.

Bede CHURCHWARD Bede’s subjects are scanning your photos and 35mm slides using the computer. Scanning this way gives one a lot more control over what one is doing, often with a better result. Bede can also help your photos look more realistic by brightening or just a little adjustment to one’s photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Of course, if one is interested, one can do a lot more with Photoshop Elements, but the basic touch can make a lot of difference to one’s photos. Photoshop Elements is fairly affordable, and the average person would not need to update as the present version does so much. Bede is a keen photographer and has been with the club for many years and one of the first tutors. 

Helen Cantrell
Helen’s subject are Android tablets and Android phones. Helen has been with ESCC for many years. She has been a tutor previously but earned a rest. Now with some intense training under her belt, she is back to help with your Android tablets and Android phones. Helen also helps out with other aspects of the club.

Val Osborne
Val’s subjects are basic internet, email, folders and files. In addition, she provides the following services to club members:

➢ Copy vinyl records to CD and

➢ Photo slide presentations

Contact Val Osborne to make arrangements. Telephone: 9525-2929


Page revised 8 April 2018

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